The PLANET ICE business model took about 20 years to evolve into the one stop destination for “THE GALAXY’S BEST TREATS!” Relying on our past experience serving millions of customers a wide assortment of food and treat items we have finely tuned an exceptional menu to offer our customers.

PLANET ICE is a fun people business that appeals to a wide consumer base by offering something for everyone; with our main focus on children to young adults. Our distinctive "Signature Treats Menu" creates excitement and enhances the customers overall purchasing experience. Our Brand and marketing is eye catching and easily recognizable. Consistently generating the “WOW” factor for creativity, taste, quality and quantity! While offering “BanG’n” items for the younger crowd we still have the time tested traditional items for the mature or classic audience. If you’re exploring the universe looking for a new business opportunity make sure to take a trip to “Brain Freeze and Beyond” and compare Planet Ice to any business or franchise opportunity.

PLANET ICE is currently not a Franchise!
We are exploring our options with legal counsel and laying out the ground work to properly offer Planet Ice as a Licensed Agreement opportunity or a Franchise. As we move forward our plans will become more defined. If you have interest in opening a Planet Ice, “The Galaxy’s Best Treats” location please contacts us and we can inform you of our current status.

PLEASE NOTE: PLANET ICE, TAG LINE AND LOGO ARE USA FEDERAL REGISTERED TRADEMARKS and are not available for use without legal agreement.

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