PLANET ICE has painstakingly created a Main Menu that is out of this world! You will not find a competitor’s product that will match quality and taste! From the Main Menu to our Signature Treats your mind will be at ease knowing we use only the finest ingredients. Your tastebuds will savor in the deliciousness… approving they truely have found the Best Treats in the Galaxy!


Above shows 48 flavor choices and depending on your location Panet Ice can offer over 120 different flavors!

Mini Melts is a Cryogenic Premium Ice Cream served at -40 degrees. Soft Serve Ice Cream or Custard is an essential part of the main menu and allows us to offer a wide range of customer favorites.

PLANET ICE makes fresh Water Ice daily!

But wait! . . . There’s more!
Since PLANET ICE is currently NOT a franchise you have the power to add your own creativity to the Main Menu. 
That’s right, we know this is an excellent base menu but realize that each location may have different demographics. You may create flavor names to promote local sports teams or schools and even add additional products, which may enhance the already proven menu.