HIGH PROFIT STRUCTURE; Many of our most popular items have a food cost of around 12%. Combining our low food costs with no percentages charged like a franchise generates an enormous profit structure which allows for quicker return on investment!

FLEXIBILITY; There are numerous additional items that you may desire to add to the base product line. Depending on your location and demographics it may be wise to consider adding or enhancing the Planet Ice menu to serve your local customers. As long as it complements the overall Planet Ice business model we welcome your creativity.

EXPERIENCE; You benefit from our years of experience in the treat market place. We share our knowledge to assist you to run a successful operation.

BRAND NAME; We offer you an established and proven Brand. Your location exterior will be designed for maximum exposure and eye appeal!

LOCATION DESIGN & LAYOUT; We can assist you with store design, layout, décor and equipment list. 

PLANET ICE ARTWORK; We an array of proprietary artwork for you to create professional grade marketing materials

TURNKEY PACKAGE; We can provide you a complete turnkey customized package for your location.

TRAINING; We provide you a Planet Ice Operations Manual and 2 full days of hands on training with unlimited phone support.

MARKETING & PROMOTIONAL SUPPORT; We can design a marketing and promotional campaign for your location including your Grand Opening event, coupons and give-a-ways.

PROTECTED TERRITORY; Once your location has been confirmed we will define a protected territory for your location.

MASS MARKET APPEAL; Planet Ice brand and menu items appeal to all consumer groups with a target focus on children to young adults.

RUN YOUR OWN PLANET; Our name brand is cutting edge, our products are of superior quality, our cost of goods sold is low, our prices are reasonable, our portions are big, customer service is great, and customer response and repeat business is “outa this world”! 

PLEASE NOTE: PLANET ICE, TAG LINE AND LOGO ARE USA FEDERAL REGISTERED TRADEMARKS and are not available for use without legal agreement.